The Betsy Scrivener

2018-2019 Staff

Brittany Thurman

Reporter, podcaster

My name is Brittany Thurman. I am a senior at Elizabethton High School. I enjoy swimming, hanging with my friends, and helping others. As a freshman, I was terrified to do anything new, mostly because of the small school I came...

Gabe Reece

Reporter, photojournalist

Torie Jones


Hey Sisters I’m Torie Jones (Dory). My favorite thing to do is swim, write, read, and sleep. I am 14 and a freshman so as you can probably figure I don’t school very well. I came from a county school called Hunter Elementary. ...

Elizabeth Underhill

Reporter, podcaster

What’s up my dudes? I’m Elizabeth. I would like to think I am pretty funny. One of my favorite things is laughing when I’m not supposed to. I’m in band (HECK YEAH) and when Mr. Elliot gets mad it’s pretty scary. I love...

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