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Girls BasketballFri, Feb 02 Unicoi County41-47L
Unicoi County41-47L
Girls BasketballTue, Jan 30 Sullivan South56-40W
Sullivan South56-40W
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 30 57-52W
Girls BasketballFri, Jan 26 Happy Valley56-40W
Happy Valley56-40W
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 26 Happy Valley41-36W
Happy Valley41-36W
Girls BasketballTue, Jan 23 Sullivan East43-38W
Sullivan East43-38W
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 19 Johnson County54-71L
Johnson County54-71L
Girls BasketballFri, Jan 19 Johnson County70-58W
Johnson County70-58W
Girls BasketballThu, Jan 18 Sullivan Central47-70L
Sullivan Central47-70L
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 16 Sullivan Central47-46W
Sullivan Central47-46W
Boys BasketballThu, Jan 11 Science Hill41-52L
Science Hill41-52L
Girls BasketballThu, Jan 11 Science hill52-73L
Science hill52-73L
Girls BasketballTue, Jan 09 Unicoi38-54L
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 09 Unicoi50-60L
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 05 Sullivan South62-55W
Sullivan South62-55W
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 02 David Crocket36-39L
David Crocket36-39L
Boys BasketballSat, Dec 16 David Crocket47-62L
David Crocket47-62L
Boys BasketballFri, Dec 15 Happy Valley53-42W
Happy Valley53-42W
Boys BasketballTue, Dec 12 Dobbyns Bennett44-73L
Dobbyns Bennett44-73L
Boys BasketballSat, Dec 09 Knox Webb56-77L
Knox Webb56-77L
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Upcoming Games

Boys BaseballTue, Mar 13 4:30-7:00 PMCentralHome
Boys BaseballTue, Mar 13 4:30-7:00 PMCentralCentral
Boys BaseballThu, Mar 15 4:30-7:00 PMUnakaUnaka
Boys BaseballFri, Mar 16 4:30-7:00 PMUnakaHome
Boys BaseballSat, Mar 17 4:30-7:00 PMBooneHome
Boys BaseballMon, Mar 19 4:30-7:00 PMSullivan EastHome
Sullivan EastHome
Boys BaseballTue, Mar 20 4:30-7:00 PMSullivan EastSullivan East
Sullivan EastSullivan East
Boys BaseballFri, Mar 23 4:30-7:00 PMPigeon ForgePigeon Forge
Pigeon ForgePigeon Forge
Boys BaseballSat, Mar 24 4:30-7:00 PMJefferson CountySmokies
Jefferson CountySmokies
Boys BaseballSat, Mar 24 4:30-7:00 PMJefferson CountyJefferson County
Jefferson CountyJefferson County
Boys BaseballMon, Mar 26 5:00 PMUniversity HighUniversity High
University HighUniversity High
Boys BaseballMon, Mar 26 5:00 PMUniversity HighHome
University HighHome
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